Top kit tips

1. Pull your bibs up! They should hug your body tightly and you can readjust the length using the compression band at the bottom. Lift your knees up, do a lunge, make sure they sit comfortably.

2. Socks should match your kit. (I don’t care what the outdated Euro rules say! :))

3. Matching with your riding friends/family/partner/riding group is obviously the greatest move.

Lizzi’s top 5 tips to deal with injury - When your passion gets taken away.

Tip 1

Don’t fall off your bike.
Pending action from tip 1 - if you happen to fall off your bike, here’s some tough lessons I’ve learnt over the past 6 months.

Tip 2

If you don’t already have another passion other than riding a bike, you’ll need to discover one quickly (or if you can’t do any of your passions either because you’re too injured AKA me). If you can’t exercise, how can you keep your mind busy? I cannot stress this enough. Netflix and comfort food will not get you through. Get busy with your other passions or get busy finding other passions. Painting, dancing, researching and learning about a new topic, adventures within your physical means.

Tip 3

Sunshine is king. Staying indoors won’t cut it long term. Spend time outside soaking in that Vitamin D, whether it is exercising or relaxing.This is one of the most powerful things you can do every day. If you live where there isn’t a lot of sunshine, have you tried infrared saunas!? Also life changing.

Tip 4

Plan small things to look forward to. Coffee with a friend. A small outing to breathe some fresh air. Maybe a little weekend getaway or dinner at your favourite restaurant. Create a reason to get dressed up and out of your PJs!
A big point to make here - do you have a friend who is injured or sick? Have you caught up with them recently? A small catch up is a big deal to a house bound person and will literally make their whole week worth getting through.

Tip 5

The internet and social media is an amazing way to connect with people going through something similar. Don’t be scared to reach out by any means when you see something you connect with, reply to a comment or send a DM to someone. Most people will happily reply and connect with you. You aren’t alone in any steps of life. Cliche but true. Sometimes you will find new connections and people to talk to in your toughest times and you’ll find some light at the end of the tunnel, or someone to walk in the darkness with.

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