Road Kit Size Guide

Our kits are race cut and made to feel good. The jerseys are a tight race cut and the bibs are compression. Both are designed to be skin tight to move with your body correctly. The bibs need to be wriggled up your thighs and body into the correct position and height you prefer. The chamois must be pulled up sitting flush with your skin.

Our measurements crossover sizes because lycra stretches. Carefully check which sizing all or most of your measurements fall into, selecting the largest size you fall into.

You'll need to measure the widest point of your chest and the widest point of your waist.

Please check all 4 measurements against our unisex guide.

As our kit is unisex, our size may be different to other kit you have worn, so it's important to check all 4 measurements against our unisex guide.


Our warmers are made to correlate with your kit sizing, so you can select the same size warmers as your jersey or bibs! For example, if you are medium in NeoPro kit, you will be medium in arm and leg warmers. 

You still need to check your 4 measurements below even if you are only ordering warmers.

Chest - measure the widest circumference of your chest.

Waist - measure the circumference of the widest point of your belly.